Message from the IVTOM President

Hi, my name is Dean Kaelin. I am currently serving as the president of IVTOM, the International Vocal Teachers of Mix. I’d like to welcome you to our website and hope that you consider becoming a part of us.

First, what is IVTOM? IVTOM is an association of voice teachers from around the world who teach “Mix,” a vocal technique that encourages a natural, unaffected, healthy, beautiful, yet strong sound. I feel “Mix” is what original bel canto singing actually was.

IVTOM is a place where like-minded teachers can come for discussion, education, support and help in teaching their students the best way to use their voices so that they can meet the demands of contemporary singing. We can help them sing in all styles and at all dynamic levels without straining or damaging their voices and do this with a natural and unaffected sound, while at the same time increasing vocal range and control.

I know from experience about the confusion and damage different vocal techniques can cause. As a young musician trying to improve my vocal range, pitch, and quality, I found that the predominant classical techniques taught in most studios and universities sounded unnatural and didn’t help me extend my range. I ended up damaging my voice by singing with a technique that encouraged me to push too hard and sing with pressure I didn’t need. This started me on a quest to figure out how to sing strong, sound natural, extend my range, and not hurt my voice. I eventually discovered “mix”.

I have found that many singers and teachers in the world have gone through much the same process as I did. They studied traditional techniques only to discover that they ended up with a sound they didn’t like, didn’t extend their range the way they wanted to, and maybe even developed vocal problems because of the very vocal technique that was supposed to help them.

For those of you who feel you don’t have a home in traditional classical voice and who can’t support current “belt” techniques or have found your own way to what bel canto really was supposed to be, but have felt somewhat isolated and alone in your discovery, we encourage you to join us at IVTOM.

Here you will find a community of teachers eager to learn and share for the betterment of their voices, their students, and the vocal world in general. Through question and answer forums and monthly interaction with other like-minded teachers and medical professionals, we can all learn and grow and encourage the world to sing healthier and in a more natural manner.

I encourage you to click through our pages and hopefully join with us so that we can continue to encourage excellence in vocal development and training in all styles of singing throughout the world.

Thank you and keep singing!

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