2015 Ivtom Teacher's Seminars Poland and Austria

Dr. Hubert Noe and Ivtom President, Dean Kaelin presented November 2015

2015 U.S. Teacher's Conference

Dates: September 17-20, 2015
Location: Denver, Colorado USA

artwork for Denver conference 2015The U.S. Conference featured four days of non-stop teacher training and education that helped teachers take their teaching to the next level. Attendees had the opportunity to observe Mentor Teachers in action, ask questions, get expert advice on building their business, study the psychology of performance, hear presentations by otolaryngologists and speech language pathologists, and much more.

Teacher Training and Presentations

2015 Ivtom Teacher's Seminars Australia

Teacher Training and Private Lessons from Dean Kaelin - Ivtom President

Dates: August 20-21, 2015
Location: Sydney, Australia
Contact Maz Mazak for more info: maz@mazmazak.com

Dates: August 22-23, 2015
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Contact Sharon Rowntree for more info:

2014 Teacher Training, Lessons and Public Workshops

January 17-18, 2014: Graz, Austria
January 19-20, 2014: Vienna, Austria
January 23-25, 2014: Gliwice, Poland

February 17-18, 2014: Lubbock, Texas

IVTOM President, Dean Kaelin in Brazil
Dean conducted private lessons, group master classes and teacher training
August 5 - 8, 2014 : Rio de Janeiro
August 9 - 12, 2014 : Sao Paulo
August 13 - 18, 2014 : Florianopolis
August 19 - 23, 2014 : Brasilia
Special Thanks to Du Masset, Cecy Ayumi Costa and John Quint who organized the events.

2013 U.S. Teacher's Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah

The 3-day Conference included teacher training, Q&A's, a social media marketing seminar, presentations on the newest findings on the science of singing, and the opportunity to attend a conference session on Patient Recovery from Microsurgery on the Vocal Folds at the National Center for Voice and Speech. The faculty and presenters were: Otolaryngologists Dr. Steven Sims (Chicago) and Dr. Curt Stock (Utah); Professor Kenneth Bozeman, Chair of the Voice Department at Lawrence University (Wisconsin); Speech Language Pathologist and Voice Teacher Randy Buescher (Chicago); Voice Teacher John Henny (California), IVTOM Mentor Teachers Chrissy Rogers, Dean Kaelin, Mary Ann Kehler, and Teri Stock; and teacher/marketing specialist Cindy Kessinger.

IVTOM 2013 US Conference

2013 European Teacher's Conference

Krakow, Poland

IVTOM Mentors Dean Kaelin, Teri Stock, Sonia Lachowolska and Dominika Plonka joined with Otolaryngologist and Voice Teacher Dr. Hubert Noé (Austria), Otolaryngologist Dr. Curt Stock (U.S.), Studio singer and voice teacher Kim Chandler (UK) and Overtone singer Rollin Rachele (UK) for teacher training, Q&A's, and presentations on working with damaged voices, the science of the voice, formants and harmonics, style coaching, working with choirs, and other topics.

IVTOM 2013 European Conference

2013 Teacher Training and Intensive

Brasilia, Brazil

IVTOM President Dean Kaelin joined with Otolaryngologist and Voice Teacher Dr. Daniela Stieff-Tostes and associated with the Brasilia Music University for a week-long intensive that included a series of workshops, private lessons, teacher training sessions, and working with children workshop. This event was organized by G7 Productions and SALTO VOCAL, and a bonus workshop featured "Reality Show Preparation" including audition tips, performance feedback and a concert featuring selected singers.

IVTOM 2013 Brazil Conference

2012 U.S. Teacher's Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah

The first U.S. Conference was a gold mine of information on the art and science of singing. Otolaryngologist and voice teacher Dr. Hubert Noé (Austria) demonstrated working with classical singers and presented on the science of mix; Dr. Ingo Titze, Executive Director of the National Center for Voice and Speech, presented on formants and harmonics; Otolaryngologist Dr. Curt Stock (U.S.) lectured on vocal health and recognizing when to refer to an ENT; Speech Pathologist Anna Siciliano presented on Team Building; Melissa Tanner, Sandy Cressman, Shelly Franklin and IVTOM President and Mentor Teacher Dean Kaelin provided teacher training.

2012 IVTOM US Conference

2012 Brazilian Teacher Training

Brasilia, Brazil

IVTOM President Dean Kaelin joined with Otolaryngologist and Voice Teacher Dr. Daniela Stieff-Tostes for intensive teacher training, private lessons and public master classes.  This event was organized by G7 Productions and SALTO VOCAL.  Over 20 teachers were immersed in classes and workshops for a week-long session that was "worth every minute."

IVTOM 2012 Brazil Conference

2012 European Teacher's Conference

Krakow, Poland

The first European Conference set the standard for future IVTOM events. Teacher trainers included Dean Kaelin (U.S.); Dr. Daniela Stieff-Tostes (Brazil); Sonia Lachowolska (Poland); and Dr. Hubert Noé (Austria) who is both an Otolaryngologist and Voice Teacher.  Otolaryngologist Dr. Curt Stock (U.S.) presented on vocal health and recognizing health issues that affect the voice. Dr. Noé presented on science of the voice and Dr. Donald Miller (Holland), creator of the Voce Vista program, presented on acoustics and physiology of the singing voice.

IVTOM 2012 Europe Conference

2012 Austria Teacher Training

Vienna & Graz, Austria

IVTOM Austria Teacher Training

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