Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of thirteen medical professionals, vocologists, and voice teachers. They are committed to teacher education and actively participate in IVTOM by presenting at conferences, writing teaching tips, and keeping the organization up to date with the most recent scientific and medical findings on the voice.

Anna Siciliano, Salt Lake City, UT Curt R. Stock, M.D. Dr. Daniela Stieff-Tostes

Dr. Hubert Noe Dr. Ingo Titze Kenneth Bozeman, Advisor Board Member

Dr. Krzysztof IzdebskiLeigh McRaeRandy Buescher, SLP

Dr. Steven SimmsMark Baxter, IVTOM Advisory BoardMelissa Cross


The Board is comprised of nine members from all over the world, each bringing a unique background and skills to the group.  They meet monthly with the common goal of continually developing the vision that is IVTOM.

Aimee Geddes Dean Kaelin John Henny

John Quint Mary Ann Kehler Teri Stock

Tricia Grey Curt Stock Dominika Plonka

Education Committee

The Education Committee was founded in 2013 and, in the short time since, the six members have begun developing teacher training modules and are working on long-term planning for teacher education.

Chrissy Cooley Rogers Earl Harville Fernando Zimmerman

Dean Kaelin  Education Director Teri Stock Education Committee Tricia Grey Education Committee

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