Should I consider being an IVTOM Mentor?

IVTOM MENTORS are a body of teachers who create ongoing educational material and help teachers become IVTOM accredited. 


We consider the IVTOM Mentors to be the best of the best. Not only are they knowledgeable, they are caring and desire to help other teachers grow and develop. They work tirelessly to spread knowledge about the voice and good vocal production to anyone in the world who is searching for it.

Mentors are highly experienced teachers; most have over 20 years of experience.  They share the common goal of teaching good singing and they embrace Mix technique as the best possible approach.  Each Mentor has multiple strengths and specialities: some are songwriters who play multiple instruments; some are repertoire coaches and acting teachers; some conduct chorales; others direct musicals; others are highly trained classical singers; some work with damaged voices and others enjoy teaching children.  Many are published authors; others are recording artists.

They all share four qualities: they are superb teachers; and they are committed to excellence, to their own continuing education, and to the education of other teachers.


Benefits of being a Mentor: 


Visibility and influence that comes with a public presence in IVTOM

Access to exclusive mentor training provided by IVTOM at no cost to mentors

Become a voice in a worldwide voice teacher community

Grow your studio with direct referrals to work with teachers in training

Increased respect from other teachers as well as your own students. 

Have your content featured on the IVTOM website: blogs, training tip videos, courses

Be part of the IVTOM Official TikTok Channel: A collection of the world’s best voice teachers ready to help you sing and teach like a pro!

Continuing Education for Mentors


Attend all conferences and master classes. Fees will be waived.  If attendance is not possible, you will review videos and write a teaching tip based on a specific topic covered in those videos. 


Attend online quarterly mentor training events.  These events will be on various subjects, and the content will, to some degree, be driven by the stated needs/desires of the mentor.  If attendance is not possible, you will review the video and write a teaching tip based on a specific topic covered in the training.



Minimum 10 years of teaching experience


Continuous involvement in IVTOM for the past five years, including attendance at most events


Involvement in online discussion groups (IVTOM social media channels and website).

Process to Mentor


1. Apply to the Mentor team coordinator by completing the application here.  


2. Submit three video or audio recordings of lessons to the Education team. Videos should demonstrate the ability to work with various voice types effectively. Lessons can be in whichever language you are comfortable teaching.


3. An interview with three board members.



Contribute four teaching tips per year


Provide written evaluations for mentees


Provide two recorded 30-60 minute lessons per year to be posted on the IVTOM website‘s education area – student video release required. The initial mentor evaluation videos may be used for the first year.  


Communicate with the mentor team coordinator as needed