IVTOM Code of Ethics

IVTOM LogoAs a member of the International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM), I affirm that the vocal technique I teach is MIX, which is to teach a balanced approach to singing, encouraging a relaxed larynx, appropriate vocal adduction without an overabundance of tension or pressure, and resonation throughout the full range of the body (both head and chest). I also affirm that I will strive to remain true to the principles of MIX in my vocal teaching.

As a MIX Vocal teacher, I am trying to encourage singers to develop their vocal abilities by helping them learn good vocal production in a healthy, wholesome way. I understand that MIX can be applied to all vocal styles and used at all volumes and intensities. It is my goal to help students find an even, smooth and balanced vocalization being able to move through the various passagi, or “bridges,” in the voice smoothly without change of sound quality or timbre and to help students get rid of the “breaks” or sudden changes of sound quality in the voice that occur in the passagi during improper vocalization. I understand that for this to be accomplished, the singer must experience a shift of resonance behind the soft palate, experiencing a “split resonance” while maintaining consistent and appropriate vocal cord pressure throughout all ranges of the voice.

As a member of IVTOM, I promise that I am a person of high moral character. I promise to be a positive influence in the vocal community, encouraging good singing and proper vocalization. I also promise to be supportive of IVTOM and all IVTOM teachers. I will not knowingly encourage any student studying with another IVTOM teacher to leave that teacher to study with me. I will also not degrade or undermine any other IVTOM teacher by expressing derogatory comments about their teaching or abilities. If a student desires to study with me and I am aware that they are currently studying with another IVTOM teacher, before accepting this student into my schedule, I will first contact the current teacher and receive permission.

I understand that my membership in IVTOM may be revoked at any time if, after thorough review by the IVTOM board and after sufficient consultation with me, it is determined that I am no longer teaching MIX or have violated any points of the IVTOM Code of Ethics.