IVTOM Benefits

IVTOM was created to provide a place where teachers of mix could go for education, support, community, ideas, and resources.  There is a lively dialogue in blogs and on the “members-only” Facebook page; there are conferences and newsletters; weekly teaching tips; mentor teachers who each have at least 20 years of teaching experience; advice from m.d.s and input from voice scientists.  The network is worldwide, and it just keeps growing.  Join in now!


IVTOM Membership Benefits

  • Access to Members Only section of the website with extensive training materials and teacher resources
  • Access to training and education events, including symposiums, workshops, seminars, conferences, competitions, and showcases exclusively for IVTOM members and their students
  • Weekly Teaching Tips
  • Mentorship with experienced teachers
  • Private members-only forums
  • Opportunities for students to be evaluated with feedback by teachers and industry professionals
  • An Advisory Board consisting of m.d.’s, Voice Scientists, and highly experienced technical vocal instructors
  • Annual Certificate of Accreditation (Accredited teachers only)
  • Listing in the teacher directory (Accredited teachers only)
  • Use of the IVTOM logo and name in advertising and social media (Accredited teachers only)
Accredited Membership Accredited Track and Subscriber Membership
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Weekly Teaching Tip
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Advisory Board
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