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Founded in 2010, IVTOM is a professional organization for voice teachers. We provide ongoing education, a mentor program, resources, international conferences, and a network for our members. IVTOM members include new voice teachers who are just beginning to develop the craft of teaching mix; highly trained professionals who hold degrees and certifications from the world’s best universities and associations; and specialized experts, including otolaryngologists, speech pathologists, and voice scientists, who give us unparalleled access to medical and scientific information about the human voice.


IVTOM is more than a professional organization; it’s a community of voice lovers who want to see the field and each other thrive.


Whether you’re a brand new teacher or about to teach your 10,000th lesson, IVTOM’s educational resources can challenge and improve your skills.


In our forums and conferences you’ll be side-by-side with world-class experts in their specialties. 

some of our favorites

The Great Lie - Dean Kaelin

I think one of the greatest lies that has been told to singers is that they have a break and there is nothing they can do about it! The singer spends a lot of time avoiding the break or sneaking around it, changing keys, and adjusting notes. Or worse yet, singing entirely over the break or entirely under it…

Teaching a “$1,000 Lesson” - MaryAnnKehler

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to teach some private lessons as part of a conference in Poland. Dean Kaelin was teaching at the same conference and I mentioned to him that I was feeling a bit nervous — I spoke not a word of Polish. Dean generously shared some ideas about how to teach effective lessons without speaking at all, and they worked…

The Patient/Client Relationship - Dr. Steven Sims

In an age of rapid technological advances and unprecedented access to information through social media, the relationship between a clinician and a patient remains a unique social system…