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Online Application for IVTOM Membership

Please fill out the form below. Some fields are required; you won't be able to submit the application if they are empty.

We will ask you to agree to our Technical aspects of Mix and the IVTOM Teacher Code of Ethics, so be sure you have read it. If you are applying for Accredited Membership, you will be asked to send a video demonstration of your singing ability. Please keep the file size under 10 MB.

Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted about acceptance and provisions, including payment of dues and website access for the Members Only section of IVTOM.

Thank you for your interest and your commitment to excellent vocal teaching. We look forward to many years of happy association and education with you.

IVTOM Application for Membership

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  7. Please tell us about yourself: Musical background, Vocal and Teaching History, Training, Education and Experience:
  8. Please feel free to tell us your special skills, goals and interests, and how IVTOM may be of assistance in reaching your goals.
  9. Are you interested in volunteering in the organization? (Please let us know how you can help.)
  10. ACCREDITED MEMBERSHIP APPLICANTS ONLY: send a video or audio demonstration of your personal ability to MIX by singing a major scale on a vowel of your choosing through at least one bridge (passagio). Women A3 to E5, Men D3 to G4. Also, in order to be accepted as an Accredited Member a Mentor teacher will need to observe you teaching a voice lesson. This will be arranged after your application has been received.
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