The Singer’s Path to Peak Performance

The Singer's Path to Peak Performance

Peak Performance Training & Certification

In this training, you will learn the Five Stages of Peak Performance. You will learn how to turn anxiety into positive energy, and use your brain as a Peak Performance tool. You will learn how to create a Peak Performance mindset in yourself, AND, how to coach your students to develop their own Peak Performance mindset. 

When you help your students master the skills of the Performer’s Mindset, you will be spending more time training the voice and less time dealing with the psychological interference that’s keeping them from singing freely.

Dr. Jon Skidmore’s Peak Performance Training includes three leveled courses. Upon successful completion of these three courses, you will be a Certified Peak Performance Coach.

About Dr. Jon Skidmore

Dr. Jon is passionate about teaching performing artists the mental skills of peak performance. He is a performance coach, licensed clinical psychologist, educator, researcher, author, and singer. He believes that the path to peak performance starts between the ears, not in the practice room. He loves to talk about the brain as a peak performance tool and how to create an optimal performance mindset.

Dr. Jon co-authored Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your Performance. He is on the faculty of the Brigham Young University School of Music and teaches The Psychology of Music Performance. He has worked with performers of all ages and experience levels. He has presented internationally, and to top colleges and music schools such as Julliard. He has a private psychological practice in Orem, Utah.

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