2019 IVTOM International Conference Recordings




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List of presentations:

Dr. Chadley Ballantyne – Applying Acoustics and Leveraging Speech in the Voice Studio
Tricia Grey- Aprez-Mix
Dr. Curt Stock- Summer Vocology
John Henny – Beyond the Textbooks – applying voice science in the studio
John Henny – High Belt for Pop-Rock Singers
Mary Saunders-Barton – Development Repertoire for Musical Theatre
Mary Saunders-Barton – Coming to Terms with Terminology: What Are We Talking About?
Kenneth Bozeman – Mapping the Necessary Migrations of Sound and Sensation Across Range: A Singer’s GPS for Acoustics
Joanne Bozeman – Singing Through Change – Women’s Voices in Midlife, Menopause and Beyond
Dr. Chadley Ballantyne – Si canta come si parrrrrla – Using retroflex R in voice instruction
Dominika Plonka – Legato in Voice Training
Dean Kaelin – Do You Hear What I Hear

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