Peak Performance Level I




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Level I

In this course, you will learn the Five Stages of Peak Performance. You will learn how to turn anxiety into positive energy and use your brain as a Peak Performance tool. You will learn how to create a Peak Performance mindset in yourself AND how to coach your students to develop their Peak Performance mindset. 

When you help your students master the skills of the Performer’s Mindset, you will be spending more time training the voice and less time dealing with the psychological interference that’s keeping them from singing freely.

What’s included:

3.5 hours of instructional video

30 minutes of private consultation with Dr. Jon Skidmore. As part of this consultation, you will have the chance to complete Dr. Jon’s mental skills assessment. This will help you identify the important mental skills you want to focus on in the workshop.

Admission to a private discussion group

Video Access:

You will immediately receive access to the Peak Performance Hub through email.


Contact Veronica Hodgson at with any questions.


Tuition for Peak Performance Level I Training is $129 US for IVTOM members.

The non-member price is $179, which includes a year’s membership in IVTOM


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