IVTOM Member Projects

MaryAnnKehler: Broadway Training Intensive

Donald Miller: Resonance in Singing –

Ingo Titze: Principles of Voice Production –
Ingo Titze: Vocology: The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation –

Dean Kaelin: Teaching Good Singing –

Leigh McRae: Vocal Mastery –

Kenneth Bozeman – Practical Vocal Acoustics –

John Henny – The Science of Vocal Bridges

John Henny – Voice Teacher Bootcamp


Products for Singers

Thayers: A Sound Remedy for Sore Throats, Natural remedies since 1847
Entertainer’s Secret: Throat relief spray to soothe dry, sore throats and restore vocal quality

Resources for Teachers

Download Sheet Music from
Yale University Music Library

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