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Milano, Italy
Milano 20131
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Vocal Coach, Advanced Gong Master, Sound & Mindful Meditation, Founder of the Online Vocal School 'Sound Wonders Academy', where you can find a space where to learn and a specific section where to find relaxation, meditation and spiritual personal research.

Very expert of the connection between Pelvic Payments and Singing, because of personal experience and then deep studies.

I think that the Voice is a metaphore of life.

Voice and Sound blend, helping you to let go of mistrust, low self-esteem, resistance, emotional patterns that can be expressed through the voice and the difficulties in using it. I believe in a voice that tells our profound essence, a voice that is born in a body to be heard and explored, which expresses a soul to love, which allows for profound personal evolutions. I believe in sound, in being a Master and in its great transformative power. I believe in the power of meditation and how it can feel like magic. I believe in the uniqueness of each individual, with all the potential to be expressed at his disposal. I believe in wonder.