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Hi all – I do a lot of college and conservatory audition coaching, primarily for musical theatre and acting programs.  Recently, there has been an influx of students looking for good Bachelor’s-level songwriting programs, as opposed to the traditional classical “composition and arranging” degrees that are usually at the Master’s level.  If you or your students can provide any positive recommendations, that would be very helpful.  Thank you!

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  1. There is a somewhat small, but extremely great little college that is a “hidden secret” in the commercial music world. It is called South Plains Community College” (SPCC) in Leveland, Texas. They focus on contemporary music, especially pop, country and rock. They have great recording studios, song writing classes and they even teach Mix in their vocal program. Plus the cost is what I consider minimal in comparison to other colleges and universities. It is great place for any student to go for 2 years to learn about all things to do with the commercial music industry; not just the theory, but the real world applications. In general, I often find that Community Colleges often do better than the big colleges with things like song writing. Even the Salt Lake Community College has a couple of very good song writing classes.

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