Meeting with Dr. Ingo Titze

I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday to meet with Dr. Ingo Titze, the director of the NCVS, (the National Center for Voice and Speech) and probably the world’s leading voice scientist. He was very interested in what we are doing. I asked him if he would be willing to allow us to put links to his site on our site and allow us to print some of his articles. We are working out the details so that this can be done. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was familiar with me and some of my work as well. He gave me a copy of his book, Fasci­nations with the Human Voice (and signed it!) This book is wonderful and is a state of the art publication about the human voice written for general (non-technical) readers. It is much easier to read than Dr. Titze’s popular book entitled Principles of Voice Production, but still provides extensive information. It is easy to understand, only about 60 pages, and full of illustrations. It will be a great resource to help you explain voice in a less technical way or as a quick reference material. Besides being a valued addition to your personal library, you will also find it serves well as a display and reference item in clinics, vocal studios, or performance centers.

If you haven’t heard of him already you can go to to learn more about him and his work. You can visit to learn more about this new book.

Hopefully we will be hearing more from Dr. Titze in the future. On a similar note we are fortunate to have Dr. Hubert Noe on our Advisory Board and he has allowed us to reprint a copy of a symposium he gave about the voice which is excellent. You can find this in our “members only” section under “Training”, “Technical Teacher Training”. Hopefully you are all getting a chance to read over all the articles and learn from them. I encourage you to come back after a time and re-read them again as well as you can usually pick up something new every time you read them.

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    1. Thank you Sonia. Yes, this is a great article. It is probably the first one of his that introduced me to him and helped me really understand the workings of the voice. It is great!

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