Vocal Workshop Photos from Europe

I’m teaching vocal workshops in Europe and thought I’d share a few photos with you. Click the thumbnails to view a larger picture.

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  1. Dean, I have a question about Dr. Hubert Noe’s comment about the squeaky exercise he said would help eliminate wobble in the overworked voice. Was he referring to the squeaky door exercises?

    Can you elaborate more about that? Specifically is it the closed mouth squeaky door exercises produced in the same way you would by vocalizing a “no” response to a question by saying “uh uh” done with the 1 1/2 long scale combined with the gallop rhythm, or triplets or legato? Or is it on the edgy [i] as in American “we” vowel?


    1. Dr. Noe really likes the “mm” on an octave and a half scale with a little bit of an edgy sound. Then following that up with the “waltz” or gallop as you say. This helps the singer find the balance of air and muscle and resists the “muscle overload” of the diaphragm he referred to. The singer can then gradually open the mouth and the vowel to an “ee”, then an ‘uh’ (first book, then buck) then words like “no” and “mum” while still keeping the feeling they discovered from the “mm”.

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