Where to start exercizes

Weekly Teaching Tip – March 14, 2011

Remember to have a good understanding of where to start your vocalizes.  Often times I see teachers not starting  their students in the proper place.  Lets quickly discuss the nay exercise.  This is a raised-larynx exercise.  It is designed to automatically tighten and thin the cord structure.  This exercise should almost always be started above the singer’s 1st  bridge.  D-flat 4 to D-flat 5 in a female voice, and G-3 to G-4 in a male voice.  These should be done on the octave 1-3-5-8-8-8-8-5-3-1  scale.  Remember, this exercise is a temporary exercise.  Once the student gets the “feel” of that shortened structure, move them  quickly to a lowered-larynx exercise. Perhaps nuh or muh.  If they  “fall out” again, tap into the raised-larynx exercise for a moment,  but once in, back to lowered larynx.

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