Round and Down

Any of you that have taken lessons from me will recognize the words “round and down”. I am convinced that if only our students will remember these two things and get it drilled into their subconscious that it will help them avoid most, if not all of their vocal problems! Quite a statement, I know. But I really think it is true.

If the mouth is round there is an extremely good chance that the vowel is narrow enough that the sound can easily slide up behind the soft palate into the head voice getting the proper pitches and overtones in the voice. If the student will refuse to “lift up” or physically follow the movement of the resonation as it moves up the body and will “stay down”and not “let go”, the vocal cords will most likely stay “closed” even as the sensation ascends and they will maintain a connected, even, smooth and strong, “chest like” sound throughout their full range without a break or a change is sound.

If students will stay “round and down” they will basically sing well and in tune which is the majority of the battle in singing. The remaining “fine tuning” with style and interpretation will help the singer “tell the story” well, connecting them to their audience and put the final finishing touches on the sound to get the reaction they are hoping for!

Keep singing!

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