It Sounds Different in Your Head

Weekly Teaching Tip – July 25, 2011

One thing that I always have to remind my students of is the fact that it sounds different inside their head than it does out here to all of us. I remind them that they are the only one in the whole world that hears it that way and what they perceive is not always what it really sounds like to all of us which is really what matters. What they need to do is to focus on what it “feels like” and let me worry about what it “sounds like”. I tell them that it would not be in my own best self interest to make them sound bad so they were going to have to trust me for a bit until they get used to it. I know that some teachers also play the recording back to the student so that they can hear that it sounds way better than they thought it did. It just feels strange so they think it sounds strange. I tell them that if it is easy and it feels good and they are in tune then it must be a good thing and it will only get better and stronger.

Keep Singing

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