Marketing by connecting with music stores

Weekly Teaching Tip – March 19, 2012

It has been my experience that singers go to music stores to ask about finding a teacher. Sometimes the music stores have teachers that teach in a room right at the music store. Other times they will just keep a list of teachers they can refer. It is in the best interest of the music store to be knowledgeable about teachers in the area and be able to have teachers they can refer.

Some teachers have had success in picking up new students by connecting with the music stores in the area. Contact the store, let them know what you are doing, what styles you are comfortable teaching and some of your background. Hopefully you can make a connection so that when singers and parents come to the store and ask, your name is the name they will refer.

It can also be helpful to volunteer to sponsor a “Singing Competition” in connection with the music store. Often times the music stores have recital rooms right in their store that can be used. By co-sponsoring the event you bring attention to yourself and it helps the music store to bring new customers into their store.

Be creative about networking and being involved with good things that will spread your name and make you the “go to” voice teacher in the area.

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