Team Building

Weekly Teaching Tip – May 28, 2012

We are stronger and more effective together than we are apart. Voice teachers throughout the ages have often stood alone, trying to prove to the community and to the world that they are of value. In order to do this, too often they have promoted themselves by pointing out other’s perceived faults and weaknesses trying to prove that they are of greater worth or ability than others. They try and gain their student’s respect and loyalty this way.

My experience has been much different. I have found that by trying to include and involve others in what I am doing I have become a better teacher, more effective and more able to give students the value they desire. This “team” consists of doctors (ENTs), speech pathologists, voice scientists, style and performance coaches,  image and marketing people, recording studios, web designers, photographers, song writers, booking agents, musicians and even other voice teachers.

I have often referred students to those I feel can help them the most, even when this person was occasionally another voice teacher. If my desire is truly to be the best teacher I can become and to help any student as much as possible I must be willing and ready to send them to whoever can be the most help to them. Hopefully, in most cases I am a person that can help them at this particular time, but if I truly care about the student I must be willing to include others in their growth and development so I can help provide them with all that they need in order to be successful.

I have often told students that another teacher would be closer to them or less expensive or would fit their needs at that particular time better than I. I have also been sensitive to their needs and have been able to recommend them to a doctor when there is a problem and to any number of entertainment industry people when I feel it would be beneficial to them.

By surrounding myself with teachers and professionals that I trust I continue to grow, learn and develop as a teacher. We can ask each other questions and learn from each other’s strengths and experience. By coming together I am convinced that we become stronger, not weaker and as a result we become more successful.

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