What is chest voice?

Question: Would you say that sound is actually, literally, resonating in the chest or does “the chest voice” really only resonate in the neck and mouth after passing through the vocal cords?

Answer: The resonation really only occurs in the vocal tract (from the larynx to the lips). The feelings we feel in chest and head voice are really just “sympathetic vibrations” that give the singer the feeling of “chest” and “head” voice.

Dean, All you wrote is right. In addition to that we can can feel vibrations in the chest up to D4 because of the size and material of the chest (Sundberg: maximum around 180 Hz=F3/F3#). That is why it was always called chest voice and chest resonance since centuries. As this vibration comes mainly from the fundamental, which does not carry the bulk of the sound in this range, this adds almost nothing to the loudness, but only to the feeling of the singer inside himself. So it does not help us teachers but the feeling of the singer.  Hubert

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