Coup de Glotte (cont.)

Weekly Teaching Tip, Oct. 8, 2012 – (taken from Facebook Townhall meeting, Friday Sep 28, 2012)

I am going to list 2 questions that basically address the same issue.

Tricia Grey: OK , Dr Noe let’s talk about coup de glotte!!!!!!

Lisa Witt.: I have a few female singers that have come to see me recently that have trained classically for many years. They are trying to sing pop songs in their head voice and it’s terrible!:) I would love any suggestions for helping them find and develop their chest voice. I am focusing on bratty sounds as well as gug/bup etc but any fresh ideas would be much appreciated!

Teri Lassetter Stock When done correctly I get the fastest results with the sqeaky(light) hum.

Keri Anderson Hughes: just had first lesson with female student. Years of classical – 2 yrs of Estill. Made huge progress with a light squeaky hum

Hubert Noé: just start to sing a short vowel ah, but don’t “support” it. The vowel onset is the thing, this little click.

Eric Richards: Thanks for the clarification Hubert. Thank makes sense. Click or connect vs squeak

Teri Lassetter Stock: I call it a slight edge

Hubert Noe : Just start to sing a short vowel ‘ah’, but dont “support” it. The vowel onset is the thing, this little click. Then do 1,3,5,3,1, only 1 and 5 with a new onset click, then by and by faster.

Teri Lassetter Stock: Hubert Noé Thanks for clarification. Just making sure I was doing it correctly. Very important for beginning teachers.

Eric Richards: When we are talking “support,” I would think we are addressing the direction of the energy.

Hubert Noé: Its a click, no sqeak and above all no vocal fry as I hear it sometimes from SLS people

Agata Pisko: Hubert: thank you! Great exercise!

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