Weekly Teaching Tip – Apr. 7, 2014
by Agata Pisko

I find one of the most important elements of a successful studio is a happy and healthy teacher.

I find it is very important to watch yourself, and get clear about what kind of mood we are and what kind of energy level we are when we begin to teach our students every day.

I bet it is clear that you will be able to hear more and notice more, you will be able to guide your students simpler and faster when your mood is better.

Take care of yourself the best you can before and during your lessons – this way you give your student the best you can possibly do.

Be honest with yourself and take time off/postpone your lessons when your voice and body needs to.

Think of a room and objects you may use while teaching. Make sure they are user friendly and you like them. Pick up colours that elevate your spirit, wear clothes that you like and that support the image you want to create, choose good quality repertoire you want to teach, watch how you explain things, what language you use.

Create a friendly and pleasant place to teach. Make sure it is inspiring for you and for your students. I use photos of my students singing as wall decoration, I also put inspiring quotes on my studio pin-wall. Sometimes they work as an instant help and I use them to structure my lessons.

A voice lesson is for me a source of positive emotion, something that gives me a ‘Kick’ to do things in my life. I want to make sure that lessons with me work the same for my students.

Care about yourself, dear teacher. Do good things to yourself – only this way you can serve your students the best you can!

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