Why They Call Them Up

Weekly Teaching Tip July 14, 2014
by Agata Pisko

I have always asked myself why I spend so much time to get there. To get to this little cafe in the city centre. There are so many cafes near the place where I live – but anytime I plan a meeting, I always am ready to spend time and energy and go there… The place is really small. There are a few wooden tables and chairs. The owners prepare self–made pastry and coffee out of‚ “slow food” ingriedients. They also serve you at your table by themselves… The music that you hear is not very loud, some pleasant jazz and pop… I have always asked myself why I go there…

But the thing that drives me there is very simple – emotion… I just love to be there. And I do anything to go there again and again. It has to do with peace, confidence, love, security, pleasure…

So what does it have to do with singing, my dear colleagues?

I just would like to remind you that any student of yours is going to get a call or not because of the colour of their voice, not because of their vocal technique and range, not because of how great they look – they will call them again because of the emotion they are courageous enough to show…

Create the atmosphere of space and freedom so that they can open up and show you how they feel when they sing… Think of some great songs and check the lyric and how they feel about it… Think‚ “The Greatest Love Of All”… think‚ “Because Of You”… think‚ “The Nearness Of You”… Can you feel how amazing and strong the emotions of these songs are?

Let them show it to you. The people will love it. The world will be better. Your students are going to be very happy… 🙂

My best from Graz –
Agata Pisko

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