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Weekly Teaching Tip – October 6, 2014
by Anna Siciliano

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Dear singing teachers,

My teaching tip this week includes part of my power point presentation from our IVTOM conference in Denver. For those of you who were there, I apologize for repeating the information. However it is good for all of us to remember to listen to both the speaking voice and the singing voice of our students.

Mix teachers are great at finding ways to help the students succeed.  I am so impressed at how you change the consonant-vowel combinations during your singing lessons in order to help the students sing without tension and mix the voice.

It is also crucial for you to give your students advice on how to use their speaking voice.  Vocal Hygiene items such as : don’t yell, don’t over talk, avoid speaking over noise, cut down on throat clearing, eat a clean alkaline diet…….those are all  important to review.

Listen to the speaking voice, have your singer read the rainbow passage. Is the speaking pitch too low?  Are they hoarse or gravelly?  Is there a change in the voice? 

As always, work with a team, don’t be a lone wolf.  Refer to a Voice team as needed. Ask questions other singing teachers and voice professionals.

Please contact us if you have questions :*)


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