Find a Need and Fill It

Weekly Teaching Tip – Nov. 17, 2014
by MaryAnnKehler

This may be the shortest teaching tip ever.  I heard this on the TV
show, “Shark Tank” and had to share it.

“Don’t start a business.  Find a need and fill it.  The business will follow.”

Read that again.

I became a college audition coach because of a need that was so
obvious and that I had overlooked for several years.  Now it’s 30% of
my annual revenue.  In Denver, there are only a couple of voice
teachers who have a high level of ability to rehabilitate voices, and
I’ve put a lot of energy into educating myself on that subject.  For
2014, it’s about 20% of my business and I think 2015 will be greater.
I happily work with any singer who wants my help and the rest of my
studio is spread over many styles and many needs, but it’s great to
know that high school students who need help with getting into college
performing arts programs, and pros whose voices are in trouble, are
seeking me out.

Here’s to you, and finding your niche!


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