Singer’s Voice Handicap Index

Weekly Teaching Tip – August 10, 2015
by Anna Siciliano SLP

IVTOM teachers, are you using the Singer’s Voice Handicap Index with students who are complaining of singing voice problems? It is an excellent tool. Have your students fill it out when they first complain of singing voice difficulty. Then work with them for a few lessons on the areas that are bothering them. After 4 to 6 lessons, have them fill out the singing Voice Handicap Index again. If the score has not improved significantly, it may be time to have the student seen by your Singing Voice Specialist ENT physician. This is also a great way to document progress over time.

You may print the “Singer Handicap Voice Index” form. (PDF, 60 KB)

Regarding the scales listed at the bottom of the form: F scale stands for Function, E Scale stands for Emotion and P Scale stands for Physical. So for all questions with E by them relate to emotional items, i.e. My singing makes me feel incompetent.

There are norms for the three scales, but I so far have been unable to find them. For now just know that the larger the total number = the more difficulty the student is having with their singing voice. A goal for lessons would be for that score to come down  so the student feels more confident in their singing ability.

Anna Siciliano, M.A. CCC/SLP
Clinical Specialist-Voice

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