Weekly Teaching Tip – March 14, 2016
by Sissy Handler

Hello IVTOM Teachers!

This time I would like to share something special. If you are an inspiring teacher who is able to touch or move a student in no matter what emotional way, your student will learn quicker! Because of AMYGDALA.

One of my students (business coach) told me in the middle of a lesson: “Sissy, do you know why I am learning so quickly with you?” I asked him to tell me why he thinks. He said: “Because of amygdala!” 😀 I asked him what this is and if he could tell me more about this.
Shortcut: Amygdala is a part of the human brain which is responsible for conditioning and judging by emotional stimulation. This is combined with the affection for learning.
If a teacher inspires and touches the student in an emotional way, amygdala is stimulated and allows quicker learning. So no matter if you are a “cheerleader – teacher”, a strict theacher, a very excited and motivated one, or very sensitive and emotional, share touching stories (about the song or the voice…) with the stundents, they will learn quicker and have better success in shorter time.

Keep on inspiring your students, collegues and people in your life!

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