Time Economy

Weekly Teaching Tip – Oct. 31, 2016
by Agata Pisko

One of the most important elements of teachers’ daily hygiene is a right pace. Creating a daily schedule can make your life a dream or a disaster.

A few years ago I used to see about 11 students in one afternoon. As time went by and my life and daily responsibilities had been changing and growing up, I had noticed I was not able to do it anymore – it turned out to be too much, it just was not fun to teach so many voices in one shot. I had become very tired.

I also realized I cannot complete all the tasks within 30 minute lesson, being a voice teacher and my own secretary scheduling next appointments at the same time.

There had to be a change – or I would either lose students or get crazy (end up at a mental hospital ! No kidding… ).

I had a break. I went for a walk. I took a deep breath.

And I changed my schedule.

I am seeing 5 to 6 students a day now teaching either in the morning or in the afternoon. My lessons are 40 minute long and I take 5 minute breaks between them. After my second or my third lesson, I schedule 15 minute break. I have also put up the prices.

After each student leaves, I take notes in a special folder I have created for each of them. These comments help me tremendously to create a smart teaching plan and prepare myself for next lessons. And they save my time.

I have begun to respect myself as a teacher and as a human being with a limited amount of energy that should be wisely divided. And I have understood the magic of giving myself the time.

Have fun organizing your schedule!

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