Assembling Your Team

Weekly Teaching Tip – Nov. 28, 2016
by Rocio Guitard

Those of you who attended the Atlanta conference or purchased the videos hear RAab Stevenson talking about the importance of having a team ready if your goal is to work with celebrity clients. But even if you work mainly with “everyday” students, you should consider the following:

Do you have a local recording studio you can refer students to who are interested in recording projects?
Do you have a network of musicians and producers to call upon when a student expresses interest in recording an album?
Do you have a list of accompanists if your own piano skills aren’t sufficient?
Do you have a network of repertoire specialists outside of your own expertise, for example Musical Theatre, Jazz, Classical, Country, Rock, etc. to help students explore their preferred genre in depth?
Do you have local audition coaches on speed dial if that is not your specialty?
Do you know of local acting coaches?
Do you have a relationship with college prep professionals in your area?
Do you have basic recording equipment (and the know-how that goes with it) to help students record auditions? Or video auditions? Or do you know someone who does?
Do you have a relationship with local venues to help your students with performance opportunities?
Do you know about local associations for songwriters to help those students who are interested in songwriting further their skills?
Do you have a list of music camps for different styles and goals that happen in your area?
Do you know local photographers and hair/makeup artists to assist with head shots?
Do you know which ENTs and SLPs in your area do good work?
Do you know allergy and/or sinus specialists who can help students struggling with these issues?

I’m sure we could add even more things to this list, but you get the idea. The more services you can provide or facilitate for your students, the better.

Oh, and before I forget, during the winter time it is a great idea to have anti-bacterial wipes handy to wipe down equipment, door knobs, water fountains or any other things around your studio to help minimize the spread of germs in the cold/flu season.

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