Jazzy Warm Up!

Weekly Teaching Tip – Feb. 27, 2017
by Agata Pisko

Hello everybody!

This is another teaching tip with the material I use to introduce jazz to my students. One of jazz educators I like is Bob Stoloff “the master of scat and jazz improvisation”. I love his book “Scat! Vocal Improvisation Techniques.”

I also strongly recommend his other publications such as “Vocal Improvisation“ an Instru-Vocal Approach for Soloists, Groups and Choirs.”

In the attachment, you will find a sheet with a wonderful jazzy warm up coming up from one of his books. Stoloff syllables

As accompaniment, I play a 2 – 5 chord progression in all keys repeating the pattern twice in each key and modulating one whole step down after each repetition

(Cmi/F7, Cmi/F7, Bbmi/Eb7, Bbmi/Eb7, etc.). You can play it straight, as a funk, as a bossa or you may want to swing it. While singing the syllables, remember to keep a nice air/muscle balance and shape the vowels in a round natural way. Switch octaves to let your students experience different registers. Keep the same tension on the vocal cord. Have fun!

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