Winter is here, the air is dry, try to avoid throat clearing

Weekly Teaching Tip – Mar. 20, 2017
by Anna Siciliano

Granuloma- a benign vocal fold lesion most often caused caused by throat clearing

Initial Evaluation- 45 year old woman Large granuloma

Throat Clearing

Ask yourself, is my throat clearing a habit?

• If so you need to try and stop!

o Drink more water
o Sip water and swallow hard (to swallow mucous)
o Distract yourself and wait, the need to clear may subside.
o Exhale to open the vocal folds and practice diaphragmatic breathing

Ask yourself, do I really have excess mucous?

• You may need hydration, Mucinex, allergy management or reflux medication so visit your ENT.

If you suspect a granuloma or vocal fold lesion

• Have your vocal folds looked at by a qualified ENT or Speech Pathologist

Same Patient-3rd therapy visit. Made significant changes in diet and stopped throat clearing

Same patient, 4th and final visit. Granuloma is gone, throat clearing gone, Diet Coke gone, clean diet, clear speaking and singing voice.

Speaking and Singing for a Lifetime!!

Photos attached. AnnaSiciliano-ThroatClearing

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