Using Vocal Improvisation in Teaching

Weekly Teaching Tip – Dec. 11, 2017
by Agata Pisko

As much as I find vocalizing important for the development of our vocal technique, I consider vocal improvisation extremely important to combine our vocal abilities with the creative spark of our brain. Vocal improvisation helps us to instantly create something unusual, original and beautiful with our voice.

Our students should definitely be given a chance to use their voice freely and improvise during their lessons.
There are various voice teachers and artists who offer vocal improvisation courses and workshops. I have lately found a wonderful recording of an artist based I guess in USA. Her name is Rhiannon and I adore her CD ‘Flight’.
You can find more information about Rhiannon here:

I am sending along a recording that can lead you and your student to a very beautiful improvisation.
Listen, improvise and have fun!

Agata Pisko

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