Weekly Teaching Tip – March 20, 2018
by John Henny

“Court Holder” comes from a popular 1970’s Robert Ringer book on real estate sales titled “Winning Through Intimidation.” In the book, Ringer speaks of those who “hold court” to feed their egos and intimidate others.

When Ringer wrote his book, Court Holders did not have the internet in which to spread their desired influence, so they are much more prevalent today than when Ringer first noted them.

We indeed find Court Holders in the vocal world, who prey upon younger teachers to fulfill their need to expound their wisdom to any who will listen.

Court Holders are not to be confused with those who earnestly help with their experience and knowledge (like IVTOM Mentors). No, Court Holders have unique psychological motives for their behavior, but it is ultimately about intimidation.

Court Holders love to hang out online, in forums and Facebook groups. If you ask a question or post anything at all they will be among the first to answer and steer the conversation towards the point they want to make.

They will argue, bully, dismiss, but mostly try to show off their superior knowledge.

I have seen them tell teachers they can’t teach effective online lessons, or demand they keep their rates within a specific range. They will tell you your training or affiliations are not up to their standards or why your marketing is beneath them.

I have even seen experienced teachers become intimidated by the Court Holders, making them afraid to market and expand their business and influence because of the inevitable judgment and criticism.

My advice is to IGNORE them. You do not need the Court Holder’s approval in any way. I know they can be hard to ignore because they will do everything they can to dominate your group (and most every group has them). My best advice is to simply not read what they post, period.

Most importantly, do not let them intimidate you. You control your teaching and career. You choose your mentors and methods – they do not. You do not need their approval to grow your business, set your rates, create a product, or anything else in your career.

I support IVTOM because it provides superior training in a supportive, non-judgemental environment and I do everything I can to keep all of my online and learning experiences the same.

By ignoring the Court Holders, I can stay positive and focused and continue to grow as a teacher and business person. I wish the same for you!

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