Gratitude in Teaching

I’m Thankful for…

Gratitude is an important aspect of living well. As teachers of IVTOM we all have a lot to be thankful for. As I think about my teaching journey, I can’t help but be incredibly grateful for the many people who have influenced me and made my life better because of their support.

I just want to mention a few here and hopefully inspire you to make a list of those who have encouraged and supported you on your teaching journey and helped your life become better as a result.

  • My Parents. They couldn’t sing. They didn’t know a thing about music or singing. My mom was willing to pay for me to study with excellent teachers and drive me to lessons and rehearsals year after year. I would never have become a voice teacher had I not had someone to help me and show me the way to better singing. This inspired me to want to help others find what I had found. Thanks Mom!
  • My Teachers. I have had so many over the years. Some have been formal coaches, some have been friends setting a good example. Others have been challenging students and even some challenging parents. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow because of these challenges. I’m grateful for those who taught me how to handle the challenges by their example and mentoring.
  • IVTOM. My studio tripled within about a year of joining IVTOM. Not because I had a badge to hang on my wall, but because I had a network of amazing teachers to draw from. I had people to guide me and show me a better way. I had resources from which to gain more in depth education. I was able to put new practical knowledge to use and help others who walked through my door more effectively.

I’m just so grateful for each of you and the gifts you so willingly share. Thank you for your warmth, kindness, energy, encouragement, knowledge, generosity and friendship. You have made my life better!

My tip today is for you to make your own list of what you are grateful for in your teaching. How has it blessed your life? Who has influenced you? Let them know. Your studio will be better for it. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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