Moments of Doubt by Agata Pisko

I am late with this very teaching tip. I should have written it weeks ago. But I couldn’t. I was completely dismotivated. 
I felt as if I had nothing to share with you, as if my knowledge as a teacher was not inspiring to you at all.
I am sure we all feel that way very often as teachers.
The very first step to get out of this stage is to realize you actually are in such a stage. And you can do something about it to get out of it.

What causes these moments of doubt?

Mostly lack of time for yourself, lack of care with whom you have been spending your time with, lack of moments of education for yourself, lack of mentors around you, lack of your own attention for yourself.
Nobody is going to care for you if you do not spend enough energy and time with yourself. You will never know what you really need as a teacher as long as you check it for you. With yourself.
So watch your daily routine as teacher. Make sure there are moments of personal education included in your schedule. Make sure you regularly meet and discuss things with your peers, colleagues who teach voice as well, read Good Books, ask yourself questions, write them down and care to find the answers, spend time with yourself as well, practice regularly your singing even if you are not performing at the time. 
Wisely choose the people who surround you, watch how they affect your mood, your teaching and learning motivation, your overall energy. Choose people who support your development, who make you find ways to solve problems rather than reasons not to do anything. Care about it. 
Your students will not always pick up what you tell them, but they will always pick up your attitude and emotionyou use when teaching. And it will always be 
a reflection of how well you care about yourself.
I wish you all the best!
Agata Pisko

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