Vowel Centering to Sound Like A Pro

Weekly Teaching Tip – Oct 29, 2019

Mark Baxter goes over some of the most fundamental skills to developing a centered and balanced voice. Enjoy his simple and straightforward approach below!

Mark Baxter’s value as a vocal teacher is unique in that he draws equally from his stage experience, and an unusually diverse training. After receiving formal training in music at The College of New Jersey, Mark hit the road with various bands and got a real education, with 3,000 gigs and counting.

Mark has attended symposiums at the Harvard Medical School’s Department of Continuing Education, covering topics such as Physiology and Acoustics of Vocal Production, Aerodynamic Assessment of Vocal Function, Medical and Surgical Management of the Performing Artist. Phonomicrosurgical management of Benign Lesions and Injured Vocal Cords and Laryngopharyngeal Reflex. Many of the singers He works with have vocal damage. The medical courses allow him to speak freely with doctors and then translate their findings into singers’ terms for his clients.

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