Why Do I Sing?

Weekly Teaching Tip – Oct 1, 2019
by Aimee Geddes

Why Do I Sing? 

As we were enjoying some amazing presentations at the IVTOM Conference, I found myself pondering WHY? Why do I sing? Why do I teach others to sing? It definitely has its ups and downs. Sometimes it is easy to get into a teaching rut and I found new inspiration at the conference this year. Dr. Jon Skidmore helped me find intention for the day with his meditation process as well which opened up my mind to learning and growth.

My tip for you is to make a list of all the reasons you sing and all the reasons you teach. You’ll find mine below.

You will find it inspiring, motivating and most importantly, it will bring back your teaching focus and give you a new perspective. Happy Teaching!

Why do I sing?

  • Because it Gives me JOY!

  • I enjoy a good story and singing is a way to give and receive one

  • I can lift others with my singing

  • Singing is a way for me to give of my soul

  • I can make people laugh when I sing and tell a good story

  • Singing is one way to express myself and explore emotions

  • I enjoy receiving positive feedback

  • I enjoy the challenge of a difficult piece

  • Singing can be therapeutic for me

  • I can serve others through music and in turn I am serving God when I do so

  • I sing because sometimes plain old words just don’t cut it. Sometimes, you just gotta SING!!!

Why Do I Teach Singing?

  • Because I love to sing! (see above)

  • I want others to figure out how to do it well at an earlier age than I figured it out (I’m still learning;)

  • I love to see others succeed

  • It helps me support my family financially

  • It is a skill that I can pass onto my children

  • Teaching singing is a lucrative job for the working hours

  • I love teaching because I can work from home and make my own hours

  • I teach singing because I love musical theater and helping people learn to audition

  • The reward on my students’ faces when they figure something out is priceless!

*Notice that the joy comes from the service you give when singing for and teaching others; not when you are narcissistically consumed in how amazing you are. Go. Serve. Teach. Sing!

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