Adrienne Osborn Masterclass – A Show with a Capital S




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We love performing… to an audience, not an empty room!

If you want people to come to your shows time and again, bringing friends and spreading the word, you need to put on a Show with a Capital S.

A Show does not mean big production, and it doesn’t require any extra money. It’s not necessarily lights, projection, choreography, or pyrotechnics.

Putting on a Show means understanding what your audience wants and needs, and giving that to them in a way that is 100% authentic to you, the artist.

In this short masterclass, Adrienne will:

– Talk about what makes a good performance in any genre;

– Explain how to connect the dots between why we perform and why our audiences attend;

– Discuss the types of stage banter you may need in your show, and when and how to use them;

– Provide a can’t-fail formula for powerful song introductions; and

– Talk about how to write a story that informs everything you do and are as an artist.

Working with an artist, Adrienne will show how the song introduction formula can transform the audience’s experience of a song.



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