Masterclass: Linda Balliro (Recording)


Linda Balliro Masterclass: “Master Your Mind – Neuroscience for Singers, Mental Health, and Creativity.”



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Watch this dynamic workshop based on learning neuroscience, where you will discover the neural processes that underlie your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You will learn a new model you can use on a daily basis to transform your limiting experiences and habits into positives that will unlock your voice, mind, and body and enhance your creativity. There will be time for 3 singers or speakers to perform and receive immediate coaching that will develop the voice and creativity from a cognitive perspective.

The future of vocal practice and pedagogy must include the perspectives we have gained from neuroscience including brain imaging, mental health, positive psychology, virtual reality and the benefits of enriched learning environments. Study and application of anatomy, acoustics, and even musical scales are limited if the human brain and its functions are not incorporated. “I am sure, based on my experiences since the publication of Being a Singer: the Art, Craft and Science, that this is the future of voice for singers and speakers.” – Linda Balliro


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