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Vocal Workshop in Krakow, Poland

I conducted a vocal workshop in Krakow, Poland—next stop: Austria!

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A General Rule

As a general rule: Women , girls and young boys tend to need more “vocal cord closure” so “nasty” sounds or hard consonants such as ‘g’ and ‘k’ and more open vowels such as ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ are a good … Continue reading

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Using “nasal” sounds

It is common for a beginning student to use the nasal sound as a way of feeling and sounding connected.  Singing in the nose raises the larynx, therefore bringing the vocal cords closer together.  It can work kind of like … Continue reading

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Some favorite exercises

I started using a “catty” meow exercise with some of my younger students who were having a hard time with the bratty concept of Nay or Nah(a as in cat). It has been so sucessfull that I have used it … Continue reading

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How not to teach

Hello everybody, Here is an example of how one shouldn’t teach. I love it :). Later on we can speak about the nasality and how we can help the students with that problem. But first let’s read the text. From … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Disney

I have a student who wants to audition and work for Disney this summer. Any advice on how to start the process?

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Explaining Bridges from Chelsey Wall Stallings

Chelsey Wall Stallings What is another way of explaining “Narrowing through the bridges and breaks in your voice?” I did the classic, narrowing from one room, through a doorway talk and the moving a couch through a doorway talk, but … Continue reading

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Vocal Breaks

In Mix we refer to “breaks” as “bridges” or passageways. This is because when approached in the correct way we no longer have “breaks” in the voice, but simply a few notes that link one voice to another with no … Continue reading

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Thank you

Thank you for creating such a great platform for teachers and students! My best from Graz, Austria!

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Colleges and Conservatories

Hi all – I do a lot of college and conservatory audition coaching, primarily for musical theatre and acting programs.  Recently, there has been an influx of students looking for good Bachelor’s-level songwriting programs, as opposed to the traditional classical … Continue reading

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