Some favorite exercises

I started using a “catty” meow exercise with some of my younger students who were having a hard time with the bratty concept of Nay or Nah(a as in cat). It has been so sucessfull that I have used it with some of my older students, They love it. . I have them do it very catty at first then I have them relax “ow ” without widening the vowel. It has worked for all voice types(pulled, no chest and flipped).
The buh( as in book) has become my new favorite for those who are really muscled up or squeezing.
I love Dean’s Slovenian exercises too. if you have not listened to them or tried them you must! They are in a video on this website under education i believe.

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  1. I don’t want to crawl to our President but „Dean Dean Dean” works fantastic! In some cases better than Slovenian sounds. If you have an opera singer who wants to sing jazz, for example. Fantastic!

    1. Thanks Dean for the Slovenian sounds. They do work like a charm. I also love the Meow. It is one of Brett Mannings favourite exercises. You definately have to be careful that the Ow doesn’t get wide. Especially with us Aussies. I often advise my students to feel the resonance of the Me and match the Ow to that. That works really. Also a road runner type of beep beep works well. Bib (slightly hootie) is great on a long sale to help with keeping the larynx down and encourage more head resonance. Especially good for chest heavy singers and tired voices. Bubbles work well on a staccato to help get better cord closure then progress to a normal bubble.
      Ayways I’m going boating now so hope everyone has a great evening? I am just starting my day.

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